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10 Sites Like YouTube - YouTube Alternatives

Interested in an alternative to YouTube? There are plenty of video sites like YouTube available to watch and share video content.

YouTube is currently the most popular video sharing website available and is owned by Google. Despite the dominance of YouTube there are a number of other sites like YouTube that you can upload your videos to grow your audience, improve video quality or simply get faster upload speeds.

This list of sites like YouTube focuses on benefits from both an uploader and viewer perspective. Some of these video sites will appeal to uploaders due to the available audience and ease of uploads. While some of these sites like YouTube will appeal to viewers due to the quality of videos and available subscriber options.

vimeo1 - Vimeo
A Site Like YouTube Dedicated To User Made Content

Vimeo was started by film makers so it is no surprise that they have strong support for film related videos. Vimeo is a great YouTube alternative if you are looking to upload your own short films (as an indie film maker) or simply interested in watching user created films.

Vimeo has a great Video School which content creators can use to tweak their videos. Vimeo also has a supportive community that are always interested in up and coming creators.

Vimeo also offers Plus and Pro upgrades to remove a number of site restrictions which are worth considering if you are a regular uploader.

2 - Dailymotion
One Of The Most Popular Video Sites Like YouTube

Dailymotion is one of the top 3 video sites like YouTube based on traffic and as such provides a great YouTube alternative.

Just like YouTube Dailymotion allows users to upload and browse videos with minimal restrictions. MotionMaker and Official Users can upload videos on Dailymotion without any restrictions and even gain increased site visibility (if you are a content creator your goal is to reach one of these statuses).

Dailymotion has a unique privacy protection feature which analyses videos as they are being uploaded to prevent copyrighted videos from being uploaded which results in less illegal and copied junk on the website.

3 - MetaCafe
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪MetaCafe‬‏Another Popular Website Like YouTube

Metacafe is another one of the popular sites like YouTube that are currently available. While it originally started out as a simple YouTube clone the site has now differentiated itself with a number of unique features.

The biggest feature is that Metacafe focuses on short-entertainment pieces (movies, video games, sports, TV and even an 18+ section). Metacafe also integrates with Facebook which generally helps cut down on comment spam around the website.

Metacafe has a great partner program which is great for one hit wonder videos, with any video over a set view amount being eligible.

4 - Viddler
A Site Like YouTube For Businesses

Viddler is another popular website like YouTube that focuses on business videos rather than user generated content. Viddler no longer offers any free services instead offering a number of plans that companies can use to grow their brands.

While the thought of a fee when there are free alternatives available may turn some firms away the fees on Viddler are very reasonable considering the features packed into the site. These features include support, customisable player options, detailed analytics, branding and advertising options.

5 - TwitchTV
A Game Broadcasting Site Like YouTube

TwitchTV (Twitch) is a site like YouTube that is perfect for gamers, Twitch specialises in video game live streaming and also offers stream recordings. Twitch is a subsidiary of JustinTV which focuses solely on gaming content that launched in 2011.

Twitch is your YouTube alternative for eSports, talk shows and game commentaries. The website is currently dominated by League of Legends, StarCraft, DOTA, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty related content.

6 - Yahoo! Screen
yahoo-screenCheck Out Yahoo's Video Site Like YouTube

Yahoo! Screen is another growing YouTube alternative that was originally named Yahoo! Video.

The Yahoo video site originally started out as a simple search engine allowing users to search through videos but eventually added the ability to upload and share videos on the site. This was later removed in a redesign and now the site focuses on professional content ranging from comedy, oddities, animation, viral videos and premium entertainment content.

7 - TED
Get Your Brain Moving With This Site Like YouTube

TED is a site like YouTube for users who are looking for something more intellectual or philosophical focused.

The TED website features videos from the global technology, entertainment and design conferences hosted by the Sapling Foundation. These conferences encourage out of the box thinking on ways to change the world. The TED videos cover a range of topics to do with scientific and culture research and are all very enjoyable to watch (and will definitely get your brain thinking).

8 - Break

A Popular Humor Website Like YouTube

Break is another YouTube alternative if you are a constant YouTube watcher (in particular funny videos). Break is a humor website which has been online since 1998, which focuses on funny videos, pictures and even flash games with some being hosted on the website while others are collected from other websites.

Break's main demographic is males over 18 so it isn't a YouTube alternative for children or teenagers. Break is best browsed using some of their top categories including stunts, funny babies, bloopers and the always popular explosions.

crunchyroll9 - Crunchyroll

An Anime Focused Video Site Like YouTube

Crunchyroll is an anime based video website like YouTube that focuses on video streaming anime content for free. It's an ad supported experience with premium memberships allowing you to remove advertising across the site and access premium content.

While it might not have every single anime you want to watch the collection of animes is slowly growing as Crunchyroll negotiate more licensing deals to provide you with anime access.

10 - Youku
A Chinese YouTube Alternative

Youku is often referred to as 'Chinese YouTube' and is the second ranked video site after YouTube in terms of traffic. If you are interested in Chinese related videos or your content has a Chinese theme then Youku is a good YouTube alternative.

The website originally focused on user uploaded content but has more recently moved to more professional uploads. These professional uploads come from numerous sources including television and film companies that regularly upload media style content.

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