8 steps to restore luster to dull hair

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how to restore luster to dull hair

Do you miss the beauty and luster of your hair and are looking for what helps restore vitality and a moron again?

If you answered "yes", then you need to these tips and therapeutic methods provided by you, "Ma3 Samia", from the reality of real life experiences, to help you get rid of this problem, and get an effective result if you continued it already.

1. The first and most important step to restore the vitality of your hair and get a quick result, moving away from the use of cosmetics or dyes or rich shampoos chemicals that are harmful to your hair, especially within the components of substances known as lead to poor hair follicles and drying and fade with time,The first and most important step to restore the vitality of your hair and get a quick result, moving away from the use of cosmetics or dyes or rich shampoos chemicals that are harmful to your hair, especially within the components of substances known as lead to poor hair follicles and drying and fade with time, and replace it with healthy nutritious and hydrating shampoos for hair, especially those that contain vitamin "e", because it is very beneficial for the hair and enhances its luster.

2. Make sure to drink adequate amounts of water every day, and you'll notice the difference yourself, as each hair containing 14% of water, and when this ratio less becomes dry and dull hair, such as a tree leaves when oblivious irrigated with water stunning color.

3. You should know your hair comes from your health care provider first, so be sure to nourish hair eating fruits and green leafy vegetables and foods rich in iron, zinc and omega-3 and vitamin "A" and "B" and "H".

4. Strive to reduce the hair subjected to high temperature resulting from the use hair dryer or hair iron or exposure to the sun for long periods, because that leads to break the hair and color fading with time.

5. Oil bath once a week from a mixture of natural oils Here's my favorite, which contain vitamins and minerals needed by your hair to become healthy and shiny.

6. Refrain from washing the hair on a daily basis, because this make him lose its vitality and shine and make it lose nutritious oils secreted by the head, so you are advised to wash hair twice a week and healthy styling comb with teeth and wide, use a cotton towel so as not to harm its health.

7. Use cold water to rinse your hair after the completion of the wash, because the cold water layer protects Alkyotichael surrounding locks of hair, making it shinier.

8. Use of these natural prescriptions, and restore glitter hair and vitality and shine again, whatever the condition dryness and the degree of fading:
Apple cider vinegar: Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar in two cups of water, and rinse with your hair and leave for 15 minutes, after you finish the wash, then rinse your hair again with cold water, and you'll notice the difference and gloss immediately as it will save you from the crust.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is rich in vitamins lend luster and softness to the hair, add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to the water and put it on your hair and leave for 20 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Eggs, olive oil and honey: This mixture is a magic to restore luster and vitality to the hair moisturizers, just mix half a cup of olive oil with one egg and one teaspoon of white honey well, then this mixture Put on your hair and cover your head with a covering of plastic for a period not less than one hour, Wash then your hair with warm water and a mild shampoo.

Almond oil and yoghurt: Mix two tablespoons of almonds and half a cup of yogurt oil, and massage the scalp and hair a good mixture, and cover your head a plastic lid for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. You can also put almond oil on the hair at night and leave it until the morning, and get the next day on a stronger and shinier hair.

 Coconut oil: We can not talk about the glitter hair not to mention the numerous coconut oil its benefits, after the hair and scalp thoroughly clean, grease coconut oil on your hair to regain its luster and brilliance again.

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Roomba 650 best sweeper at all of iRobot

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Roomba 650
Spread in global markets many of the robot designed for floor cleaning machines, and after conducting several tests on a range of devices in more than 30 cleaning cycle over the two months it became clear that iRobot Roomba 650, is the best that can be owned for aide for any to keep a clean floors, where dust removes more than others, as they got the highest ratings from its users and is quieter and sold at reasonable prices, too.
It has been chosen cleaner robotic in the area of ​​900 square feet in a pool of short-carpet flooring, Flooring smooth, wooden floors.
During the two months the robot was operated about 30 cycles, was tested dealing with the things that it finds in its way, such as socks, or USB cables, seats, low sofas.

Many educational brochures robotic devices gives you a clear idea of ​​dust that can be removed by robots of different surfaces that can be handled, but the robot's performance in the ground where there are around many of the obstacles is what has been the focus in this test.

So through these tests selected a vacuum Roomba 650 Robotic from iRobot as the best choice for the user, they are effective mostly in any home and the cleaning cycle ends independently without being attached, or intertwine and waiting that someone bailed position, system of its own navigation led in confined spaces Do not link to it robotic vacuum cleaners similar, so they gathered dust, animal dander and other compared with its competitors, as they are cheaper in terms of maintenance, but it is not commensurate with the black carpet or laminate flooring black, if that's what you have in your home is the best broom NeatoBotvac D80 robotic option.

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a full-time doctor with a salary equivalent to 270000 USD per year

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Alan Kenny
A decent job and double salary, just you have to apply to this job, but this is like an impossible dream for the opposed, no one comes and nobody want it. no one will accept to work in the city on the verge of disappearance.

 The management of one of the health units, a small town in New Zealand announced the availability of jobs for the post of general practitioner, will have his annual salary of 400 thousand dollars a New Zealander (about 267493USD), but the function can not find who applies for a period of two years since the ad for the first time, as «Telegraph» mentioned.

The city which is called «Tokoro» and a population of about 13,600 inhabitants in the north of New Zealand, have low population in recent years, one that was known for its tree-dense, became a city on the verge of disappearance, in the fog became not leave her, smell the air became sickening and even the population are coming out into the streets in their pajamas is indifferent.

Health Unit Director of the British doctor Alan Kenny, one of the partners in the ownership, and had explorers landed in New Zealand 30 years ago for the job that do not find day care of.

Said Dr. British newspaper «Herald» Australian, as quoted «Huffington Post»: «I love my job and I hope I can stay here, but I have done everything I can to bring a doctor to the health unit I am  failed».

He added: «Auckland owns the biggest medical school in New Zealand, and the majority of children who go to medical school come from rich families area of ​​Auckland, last year canceled my vacation because I did not find a doctor substitute, it seems I will have to cancel my vacation this year as well, though it has become extremely difficult for me ».

The work terms of the function displayed is not bad also, the salary is twice the average salary of a novice doctor in New Zealand, and indeed of almost double the average salary in the whole city, as it gets on the 3-month annual holiday.

The salary offered, in that function twice the average salary of a doctor novice New Zealand, in addition to twelve weeks annual leave, as the doctor has vowed not to accept the job of working the evening or on weekends, but that, in spite of all this did not find who accepts his job. 

Interestingly, it is also the city where the unemployment rate of around 22%, while the number of workers in the health unit 6 doctors, including a daughter «Kenny» himself.

And the reasons for all these concessions offered to attract any doctor for the job that «Kenny» says: «health units have filled the last of which in the past year, and the greater the number of patients has increased the clinic increased the money that I gather. But this amounts alone with me at the end of the day. It should not be a physical exhaustion of this limit in order to collect more money. »

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Researchers: big mouth evidence that the owner will be a strong leader

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A team of psychiatric researchers Canadians worked on the study raised signage someone, which indicates its strength and its ability to manage and access to success, and started to apply it to American candidates, and concluded that the one who has a big mouth is the evidence of the strength of character and ability to management and success.

The study is based on previous studies of the facial features of the heads of former scientists have conducted their study on a group of monkeys and focused on their faces and physical strength that appear on the face and jaw, then these scientists conducted four experiments on the faces of the men where they are most at boarding major positions.

And 50 men gave a picture in his identity card which seems to be the leaders are idealists and then returned the experiment with 20 men some changes have been made on the mouth as it larger or smaller by about 10% turned out that every time you enlarge the mouth so that the range in which the faces appear to who has strong will.
Most scientists have gone so when they took pictures of the 25 directors of the task and a big American company and according to the magazine "Fortune, which focused on the big mouth.

The study focused on men in American politics more than 68 election for state governors and lawmakers appeared to broad mouth was a hallmark of their success in the elections.

The study focused on the Republican candidate, Donald - Trump, as his mouth wide and a great leader, a strong mark, according to the study, for either candidate, Hillary Clinton, the study did not focus on the mouth of women in the political situation.

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STUDY reveals the shape of a woman's body favored by men

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sexual women who men want
The man innately attracted to the woman who owns the curvature of the spine increased by 45.5 degrees from another back to the rear, making it more fertile and able to childbearing and pregnancy.

According to the results of research conducted by a team from the University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at Arlington, modern man's preference to certain types of objects to the evolutionary roots back thousands of years ago. 

Eric Russell "study co-author" said: "These results showed conclusive evidence that men prefer women who appear a certain tendency in the spine on women who possess large buttocks."
And adds to a growing body of evidence that beauty is not entirely arbitrary, or "into headmistress only," he believes many of the social science, but he has the logic of adapting a coherent, according to a professor of psychology, "David Buss," University of Texas at Austin.

This research consists of two studies. First I looked at the curvature of the spine, a key feature of the spine can affect the actual curve to the back of the spine in women.

The approximately 100 men assessed the attractiveness of several images were manipulated curves the spine to have stretches across the natural spectrum.

They observed that more men were drawn to images of women who have been bending to 45 degrees from the lower back.

"This bending enabled women from pregnancy and achieve balance in their weight more than the hips," In addition to that it is more effective when searching for food and are less likely to suffer from spinal injuries.

In contrast, men who preferred this kind of women, they will find more capable of multiple births successful partners, without any associated with pregnancy and childbirth problems.

The second study, the question of whether men prefer this angle because it reflects the large size of the buttocks, or whether they really are connected at an angle in the spine itself.

The researchers presented for almost 200 man group of pictures of women with a variation in the size of the buttocks and curvature of the spine, but while maintaining a 45.5 degree curve.

They observed that men have always been more inclined to women who had the backbone to have closer to the ideal, regardless of the size of the buttocks.

The research found that this physical preference evolved over thousands of years, and will not disappear overnight.

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British expert advises put a pencil between your teeth as treatment of headaches

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New treatment of headache by holding pencil
Millions are suffering around the world, from the problem of headaches, whether after a busy day at work or because of the noise of children and the surrounding environment, but now a British expert advises those who suffer this problem by resorting to resolve and can effectively save them from headaches without the need to speed up the taking painkillers, which is simply put a pencil between the teeth.

Dr. Jane Leonard said most types of headaches that plague the human nervous caused by caused by the stress, fatigue or frustration.

She explained, according to the newspaper «Daily Mail» British, that the causes of headaches are caused by muscle spasms in the face, neck, jaw and scalp.

«Leonard» added that these convulsions are also linked to the jaw muscles, and can be an indicator of the so-called «sore jaw joint, or TMJ disorder maxillary», which occurs due to the jaw clenching or gnashing of teeth during sleep.

And it shows that getting a pencil between your teeth can help in the relaxation of the jaw muscle, and thus alleviate headaches.

7 tips and tricks to avoid the headaches

Gets about 90% of people headaches, according to estimates, the most common type is a tension headache and cramping caused by head and neck.

Here are 7 tips and tricks to avoid the headaches naturally:

Relaxation and comfort

Headaches often be a sign that the body needs to have some rest, so you must lie down and relax to reduce headaches. According to published site «CNN».

Eating small meals frequently

Headaches may be the result of low blood sugar level, and some research pointed out that foods rich in magnesium, such as spinach, tofu, olive oil or sunflower or pumpkin seeds, may be particularly useful to mitigate these aches.
Headache patients are advised to eat small meals throughout the day, instead of three large meals and food.

Put a little ice on your head

You can lie down with a damp towel or cold compress on your forehead or eyes, which may provide temporary relief from headaches spam, which can gradually disappears.

Take a shower of hot water

People tend to prefer the cold to the fire when it comes to topical treatments headaches, but sometimes, the steamy took a shower may be all he needs person.

Massage Therapy

Massage is still one of the most ancient and effective for the treatment of headaches technological methods, and massage helps relieve or prevent headaches.

Reducing alcohol intake

Alcoholic beverages dark may increase the severity of headaches. The lead case of dehydration caused by alcohol that role, an increase of headaches, so you should reduce the intake of beverages and Algkthar of water intake.

Reducing dehydration

Headache is one of the signs of dehydration, so be sure to drink enough fluids, and consumed throughout the day, and can be adults consume between 11 and 15 glass of water a day, and can eat other liquid low-calorie, such as skim milk or tea low-fat, as well as eating fruits and vegetables.

By: Samia

700 girl practicing prostitution in the streets of Tel Aviv

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girl child work as prostitutes in Tel Aviv

700 whom in Tel Aviv alone

A report by child rights conference that was held in the Israeli Knesset recently that about 1,000 child  practicing prostitution in the streets of Israel, as 700 whom of those in the city of Tel Aviv alone. 

The site said "Makor" Israeli news, that as part of a session on the phenomenon of prostitution among children in Israel, the data showed that the children set to work in prostitution since the age of 12 to 13 years in all settings, whether Jewish religious and secular.

Causes of the spread of prostitution

The conference drew to a report by the Israeli Ministry of Social Services, was issued in 2014 stating that the phenomenon of minorswho work as prostitutes in Israel in growing and diverse causes:

- Where the punishment does not constitute a deterrent.

- The teenagers are suffering from a lack of social support frames.

Steps to curb the spread of prostitution

Site explained that the Knesset demanded police attention to the phenomenon of prostitution of minors, and issued directives to them about how to identify the children, teens or girls who work in prostitution:

- And it looks for the presence of minors in a place where practicing prostitution.
- And the presence of bruises on their bodies.

- And the search for teenagers run away from boarding schools and they are found in apartments are not their homes.

The report pointed out that it has increased the number of adolescents, especially minors who work in the provision of prostitution services in the past years mainly because the device Educational official feared to face the phenomenon sometimes prefer not to deal with these cases therefore not be processed.

Social activists and social workers complained during the session of the Israelis that they tolerate with this phenomenon which threatens the community, noting that half of the complaints do not amount to an indictment, and there is every adolescent and teen among those 30 to 40 client and most of them are sex offenders.

Stir in Israel because of the prostitution

Prostitutes through the streets of Tel Aviv

 Raised "prostitution industry," a fierce debate in Israel recently after a number of Israeli Knesset members called for the elimination of that profession and banned altogether, by introducing a bill to eliminate this phenomenon.

The legislation of laws to curb the phenomenon

The Israeli media, which highlighted that crisis, that the new law, which he will present to members of the Knesset for approval stipulate that anyone who connects to a prostitute sexually will pay a fine of more than $ 300 or a year's imprisonment.

Outlaw prostitution Bible

In each case it would be considered "criminal offense". And the relocation of "Makor" news Israeli, for Deputy Knesset Zahava Gal-On, the "Meretz" party, the left-wing as saying: "We want to make it clear to those who go to brothels and sex with prostitutes that it leaves them to a woman who works in that profession, as well as those who manage those houses, they would be under penalty of law. " Outlaw prostitution in the Bible and added Gal-On: "In the Bible, the killings appear before prostitution, and interesting, we outlaw murder does not outlaw prostitution,"

MP Shuli suspended, the "Jewish Home" right-wing, which joined the Gal-On, to support this landmark law Party: "I think we're in a place where Israeli society realize that prostitution is something that can not continue."

The phenomenon of prostitution

This is were not the first time that the Knesset proposing bills to arouse public debate about the elimination of the phenomenon of prostitution or reduced, but this time the deputies of the Knesset - 31 Knesset members are women - in addition to other members of the Knesset feel commitment towards the subject and the need to be criminalized.

10 thousand prostitutes working in prostitution in Israel

10 thousand prostitutes working in prostitution in Israel and drew the Israeli website that it is very difficult to estimate the phenomenon of prostitution in Israel, but it is estimated that more than 10 thousand prostitutes currently working in prostitution in Israel and in different forms, also conducted daily in all parts of Israel, thousands of meetings between prostitutes and customers.

In contrast, those who believed the "brothels" working in Israel without blocking that there is no 
prospect of this bill.

Prostitution industry in the world

The site pointed of prostitution industry in the world, saying that in Switzerland, women working in brothels are required to register at the Department of Arts in the police as a factor in prostitution, and come there from different countries, and by choice.
Prostitutes are called in Switzerland, they come to work in this post their own free will because they are safe, clean and completely open, and according to recent studies, most of them work other jobs, and some of them university students. And trying different countries around the world face the phenomenon of prostitution, and one way is through the "criminalization of the customer's Law", according to this law, if the arrest of a customer paid for prostitution services, will bear criminal responsibility.

Prostitution in France

Being in France controversial windy on this subject, where there are attempts to adopt this law, which faced until now a lot of difficulties, as the biggest difficulty is the fear that leads convert these practices to the illegal practices, confidential and to harassment and increased violence against those who would choose to continue women work in this area. Unlike the previous draft laws to the new proposal for the members of the Knesset, women in Israel, there are two ways to enforce it, the first prohibits the consumption of prostitution, and the second through a comprehensive re-qualification for women.

مطربة مغربية تحمل عازف الكمان أثناء غناءها...بالفيديو

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لم نعتاد من قبل ان يحمل مطرب احد العازفين خلال غناءه لحفل، ولكن لو فرضنا ان هذا قد يحصل تكريما له مثلا، فربما نتجاوز هذا، اما اليوم ظهرت احى المطربات المغربيات في مشهد يعتبر الاول من نوعه وهو انها اقدمت على حمل عازف الكمان، أثناء أداء وصلتها الغنائية.

وتظهر هذه المطربة في الفيديو باريحية تامة دون ظهور علامات التعب او الخجل عليها، وهو الامر الذي اثار جدل واسعا على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي، وتباينت ردود أفعال الناشطون على الفيديو بين من بدا مهتما بالبعد الأخلاقي له، وبينما من اهتم بالقدرات الجثمانية للمطربة، والتي أهلتها للغناء وهي تحمل شخصا فوق أكتافها.

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If you skip the age of 40 Follow these tips to slender young!

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With age, some of the changes occurring on the body, slow burning process which causes difficulty in weight loss and absorption of nutrients naturally.

Here's the 11 advice of females above the age of forty to maintain their health and agility:
 - Drink plenty of water, even if you can not feel the desire to do so, in order to feel full and avoid injury by drought. Note that thirst diminished with age.

- Take care to go out with your friends for exercise, more than going to the restaurant for meals.

- Organize your meals, whether homemade or ready-prepared, and be careful to the quality and quantity of food intake.

- Eat the quantity of food that permitted you, by knowing the ratio of burning your body and your practice periods of the sport.

- Eat a lot of vegetables, but few calories and provide your body with vitamins and minerals needed.

- Lot of acts of eating vegetables, but few calories and provide your body with vitamins and minerals needed.

- Do not neglect the fruit and vegetable intake. Note that with the advancement of age may suffer from problems in the mouth and teeth, so I eat vegetables, mashed courgettes for example, and replace bananas with apples.

- Add spice to meals, enjoy the taste delicious without the need to add salt, to avoid injury to the high pressure.

- Infertility foods and store it securely to prevent poisoning; because with aging you become more prone to picking up bacteria.

- Always read nutritional information on products as calories, fat and sodium ratio to be your choices correct.

- Eat nutritional supplements lacking in the body, after a check with your doctor or nutritionists.

- Eat "calcium" Available in milk and milk products; to prevent the incidence of osteoporosis.

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10 essential nutritional supplements for girls twentieth

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What Vitamins should you have
It is known that the importance for girls at the age of twenty on dietary supplements contribute to the preservation of public health.

As the pattern of our lives fast, frequent exposure to electronic devices, and our dependence on various takeaway and even foods at home is not organic, and exposure to sunlight and fresh air in a few, and even the spread of diseases, it all makes nutritional supplements for girls in the age of twenty necessity, not an option, being important in maintaining public health and disease resistance, and even skin and mental health.

And these are the most important vitamins that is important presence in dietary supplements and medical:
- Vitamin A: I prefer to get a 1250 IU per day up to a maximum.

- Vitamin B-6: 2 mg twice a day.

- Vitamin B-12: 400 micrograms twice a day.

- Vitamin C: 250 mg twice a day.

- Vitamin E: preferably get 200 IU twice a day.

- Thiamin, riboflavin: 12.5 mg twice a day.

- Biotin: 150 micrograms twice a day.

- Calcium: 500 mg, and it should get them twice a day; in order to be absorbed.

- Zinc: 7.5 mg twice a day.

- Folic acid: 400 micrograms twice a day.

By: Samia 

Tricks to protect your privacy on Facebook

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A large number of users of  Facebook complain about violating their privacy, and the prevalence of images and publications that share it among all, but only a few know that there are tricks to sift followers.

Through these tricks Facebook users can choose the people who will access to publications, and overshadow the one content for certain in his list of friends.

The application of "Krosider Chat Andetyktd" allows ,which can be downloaded and run on all of the "Google Chrome" and "Firefox" and "Internet Explorer", the user to choose his own friends who will be briefed on the encyclical.
But if a user wanted to Facebook friends do not know how long ago the last time he logged in Facebook , it MUST be deleted application "Facebook Messenger", then his friends can not be able to know his connection and entry on his account on Facebook.

In order for the user specifies who can access to his account, he must go to Settings, and then to a property "Who can see my account," to be able to choose the category of family or friends, or allow follow-up to the general public.

Facebook user can trick again be involved with the publication of his friends, and hide from certain friends, and through the open bottom of the edit box, and the use of feature "Castm", and then write the names of the user does not wish to see published on Facebook.

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Guidelines and techniques for waging a dominant ground war in ‘XCOM 2’

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The focus here is on helping you win the ground battles in XCOM 2. If you're looking for help building your base and managing the global resistance efforts, check out our guide right here.

Humanity is on the ropes at the start of XCOM 2. Aliens haven't just invaded; they're here, they run pretty much everything and they're secretly working to destroy us all.

The only people that see the threat for what it is are your allies in the human Resistance, but you don't have the numbers to push back in force. That leaves only one option: waging a guerrilla ground war. The E.T.s have superior numbers and weapons, but you've got the benefit of a clever mind and a small-yet-mobile squad.

1. Save early, save often

There's no sugar-coating this: XCOM 2's save file system is broken. While the autosave feature is aggressive, this holdover bug from the previous game has a nasty habit of slapping the wrong dates and times on your save files. For those that like to save and reload during a mission, the unsorted list of files can be a nightmare.

All of which means you should get into the habit of manually saving your game at key moments. If nothing else, make one save in each mission before you make any moves on your first turn. There's no "mission restart" feature, so doing this at least gives you a way to wipe the battlefield and start fresh if you're not happy with how the fight went down.

2. Know your soldiers' roles

This might seem obvious to some, but snipers aren't generally a good fit for close-quarters combat. Knowing what each member of your squad can do and how to best leverage their talents is vital in XCOM 2. Generally speaking, moving everyone as a group is safest. Though you should always be ready to switch that up according to a mission's needs. If you're not on a timer, for example, finding safe, high ground for your sharpshooter is a huge help.

Keep your rangers and their deadly melee attack at the front of any advance. They make great scouts, especially as they level up. Grenadiers should fall in right behind them, ready to spray the field with bullets or blow up obstacles using heavy explosives.

Specialist units can hang back a bit, regardless of whether you've upgraded them for healing or combat. Their Gremlin drones have considerable range and don't have to worry about distance screwing up their accuracy, as they never miss. During more mobile missions, it can be a good idea to move any sharpshooters and specialists together in a group so they can back each other up.

3. Don't burn your turns

Each soldier in XCOM 2 can typically perform no more than two actions on a given turn, though that gets cut down to one if you attack with your first action. That said, there's nothing requiring you to use both actions consecutively.

It's often valuable when you're first scouting a map to move a single soldier forward into uncharted territory and then, once you know the lay of the land ahead, position other soldiers around your scout based on what you learn. Sometimes it might make sense to move your scout forward a second time, though make sure you've got one or two soldiers in Overwatch — meaning they'll take potshots at any enemy that appears — before you do.
Every map in XCOM 2 is randomly generated, so there's no standard strategy that works every time. The best thing to do is to always move cautiously. Even when you're on a mission timer, there's no harm in using each soldier's actions one at a time, as opposed to burning them both on a dash. Never dash into a location that you haven't scouted yet.

4. Concealment is a powerful weapon

Many of the missions in XCOM 2 start with your squad in a state of concealment, meaning as long as you stay out of enemy sightlines — which are clearly marked with red "eye" icons on the ground — you won't be attacked. Getting spotted or staging any kind of attack or hack ends concealment for the rest of the mission (barring specific soldier abilities), so your early freedom of movement is best for setting up ambushes or sneaking around threats (usually to better set up an ambush).

An ambush in XCOM 2 can take many forms. Early on, an easy setup involves putting all but one of your soldiers in Overwatch then having that last soldier fire a shot. The suddenly-awakened enemies will scatter after that first shot, and your responding Overwatch fire should bring most or all of them down.

Later on, as enemy numbers increase and the range of attacks brought to bear against you grows, an all-Overwatch setup isn't as effective. Some foes are extremely deadly unless you can bring them down before they attack, so for occasions when you need to focus fire in specific directions the randomness of Overwatch works against you.

As with most strategies in XCOM 2, your best bet is to keep paying attention and learning how your enemies behave. Note which ones can lay waste to a squad with one attack. Which ones have area-of-effect abilities. Much like your own squad, the E.T.s each have their own role. Watch how each one behaves and learn how to counteract the biggest threats before they can mess you up.

5. Specialists are amazing Swiss Army Knives

Your specialist soldiers are accompanied by drones that offer powerful benefits. Healer-leaning specialists can send a drone out to heal distant allies or remove status effects, such as the Sectoid mind control ability. Combat-leaning specialists can deal direct, guaranteed damage, and even enjoy a bonus against robotic enemies.

All specialists also have the extremely potent Aid Protocol ability, regardless of their upgrade path. Using it assigns the Gremlin drone to a soldier of your choice, giving them a significant boost to their defense stat. If you accidentally move a scout too far out, for example, Aid Protocol can keep them alive for an extra turn as enemies close in.

All specialists also have the ability to hack certain alien facilities. Hacking works a lot like firing a gun does, with a percentage chance for completing the chosen action successfully. The better your Gremlin — research upgrades them over time — the better your shot at a good hack.

Most maps feature hackable alien transmitter towers that can provide a random assortment of bonuses, from boosting specific stats to resetting all of your soldiers' actions for that turn. There are also some missions that involve hacking an alien-controlled workstation. Most soldiers have to run up next to these to perform the hack, but specialists can deploy their Gremlin and do it remotely. This is extremely helpful when you're up against a mission timer.

Combat specialists also eventually earn the ability to hack robotic enemies, allowing you to temporarily disable or even take control of them. There's no understating how powerful this ability is, especially when you start encountering the terrifying Sectopod enemies.

6. Pay attention to your squad roster

You can only assign four soldiers to a squad when XCOM 2 begins, though upgrades eventually allow you to assign five, then six soldiers. Whatever the number is, consider the demands for each mission and put some thought into who you're going to bring along. The game automatically creates a squad out of your highest-ranked soldiers, but that's not always the ideal setup for a given mission, especially when injuries start to mount.

As with everything else in XCOM 2, there's no perfect strategy for squad setup. Early on, when you're facing weaker enemies, having two rangers along can be invaluable; their sword attack has more range than you'd think and is usually a one-hit kill. Backing them up with a specialist's Aid Protocol is practically essential. Healer-leaning specialists should also carry a medkit in their utility item slot, as it gives the Drone Heal ability extra uses.

Grenadiers are less essential in the early game. Their explosives are definitely deadly, but grenades and rockets are best at shredding the kinds of armored enemies that don't show up until much later. Still, you should spend time leveling your grenadiers alongside the other soldiers

A good four-person roster early on is two rangers, a specialist and either a second specialist, a grenadier or a sharpshooter, depending on the mission requirements. Once your roster size expands, try to make sure you've always got a grenadier along for the ride — if nothing else, grenades are excellent for bringing down walls and opening up new paths of travel.

An ideal lineup for the late game is one ranger, one healing specialist, one combat specialist and two grenadiers.

7. Plan for your escapes

Many of the timed missions require you to manually extract your squad from a designated location. Time management is key during these missions, as you have to budget time to not only reach your objective but also then get from there to the escape location.

The timers in XCOM 2 are relatively generous, but always keep an eye on them. The most important thing to remember when escaping: if you can get to the marked extraction zone, you can escape that same turn. The actual act of extracting doesn't burn any of your actions, so you can dash to the extraction area and get out safely before enemies can respond. 

Source: mashable

5 Tips to cope with rising prices

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5 Tips to cope with rising prices
Prices rise and fixed income! Problem facing the whole house of different levels, which everyone pays to resort to savings

In light of the continuing rise in prices Oprah Winfrey advise us to cope with this rising only with 5 tips.

- Plans to buy clothes and accessories and renewal of furniture and home furnishings at a time when major cuts, this allows you to get valuable items at half price, sometimes very little, which have to buy it outside of those times.

This is can be very good with new decorations and less pay so why look at the shops from today and plane when you will start?

- Purchase home appliances from major stores where used daily offers affordable, do not hesitate to buy large quantities of products that bear the storage when the price is tempting, you can get enough of the whole year.
- Not all the expensive brands are worth what you pay them, Be smart and compare it to products like the least expensive and do not fall into the trap of brands, especially in the use of a few things which will not be affected or need to be high quality.

- Feel free to buy food products that approached the date of expire and become sold a quarter of the price, Most of them can be consumed for several days and even months later without harm.

- Early booking trips and picnics can be a good decision, and select times outside the known seasons, it allows you to enjoy the same luxury but affordable places ... even restaurants offer good performances do not miss.

By: Samia

Publiek komt onder carnavalswagen

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TUBBERGEN -Telegraaf

De verlichte optocht in het Twentse Tubbergen is vrijdagavond uitgelopen op een chaos nadat een deel van een praalwagen afbrak en op het publiek viel. Er zijn drie mensen gewond geraakt en overgebracht naar het ziekenhuis, meldt de politie.
Het ongeval gebeurde in het centrum van het dorp, aan de Grotestraat. Een deel van de praalwagen brak af, doordat de wagen door nog onbekende reden een noodstop moest maken.
De optocht werd tijdelijk stopgezet maar is inmiddels weer hervat. De verongelukte praalwagen is onder politiebegeleiding van het parcours verwijderd en naar een werf buiten Tubbergen gebracht.
In Tubbergen waren de veiligheidsmaatregelen juist aangescherpt nadat het vorig weekeinde al was misgegaan in buurgemeente Albergen. Daar wilden duizenden carnavalsvierders tegelijk een feesttent in, waarbij meerdere bezoekers onder de voet werden gelopen.

Zu viel Alkohol im Bier

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Zu viel Alkohol im Bier
Die Paulaner-Brauerei hat versehentlich zwei Chargen alkoholfreies Weißbier mit zu viel Alkohol ausgeliefert, weswegen ihr die Staatsanwaltschaft am Donnerstag einen Besuch abgestattet hat. Jedes alkoholfreie Bier hat einen minimalen Alkoholanteil. Paulaner weist diesen auf den Etiketten mit 0,5 Prozent aus, in einigen Flaschen steckte aber bis zu 0,8 Prozent, wie Lebensmittelprüfer entdeckt hatten. "Es kann nur eine Nachgärung gewesen sein", spekuliert Paulaner-Sprecherin Birgit Zacher. 
Das könne zwar vorkommen, aber dass das Bier dann in den Handel gelangte, "muss leider menschliches Versagen gewesen sein". Die Staatsanwaltschaft prüfe laut Zacher nun, ob grobe Fahrlässigkeit vorgelegen habe. Eine gesundheitliche Gefährdung schließt Zacher aus, und auch "dass das noch mal passiert, ist ausgeschlossen".

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Fitbit Alta activité à bracelet pour garder la forme

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Fitbit Alta activité à bracelet pour garder la forme
 Les objets connectés sont désormais démocratisés. Ceux qui ont su s'imposer par excellence sont les bracelets connectés. Spécialisé dans la fabrication des trackeurs d'activité, le géant américain Fitbit annonce un nouveau bracelet connecté sur le marché, l'Alta. Si ce nouveau produit remplira sa fonction première, c'est à dire celle de vous aider à garder la forme, elle sera aussi un véritable accessoire mode.

Fitbit Alta, un bracelet connecté pour garder la forme
Le bracelet connecté Alta est un véritable coach sportif. Équipé d'un petit écran OLED tactile, il affiche les statistiques des différentes activités physiques pratiquées, mais aussi le nombre de calories brûlées. Si vous êtes resté longtemps immobile, la fonction rappel d'activité vous invite à "vous bouger". Grâce à sa mémoire interne, les informations liées à vos activités sportives qu'il s'agisse de la marche, du vélo, du basket ou encore du football peuvent être stockées pendant 30 jours, ce qui est un élément non négligeable pour les personnes qui ne lancent pas l'application tous les jours.

Fitbit Alta, un accessoire mode

Avec cette nouvelle montre connectée, le géant américain se lance sur le marché du luxe et de l'élégance. Le module qui regroupe les capteurs n'étant pas fixé de manière définitive au bracelet, les utilisateurs auront ainsi la possibilité d'inter changer les bracelets au besoin. Ceux ci pourront selon les circonstances opter pour le bracelet en plastique, le bracelet en métal ou le bracelet en cuir. Ces derniers sont en outre déclinés sous plusieurs tons. La montre connectée Alta peut ainsi se porter pour faire du sport, mais aussi pour se rendre à un cocktail, une soirée, au boulot. Son design en fait un accessoire de mode à part entière, qui peut être porté aussi bien par les hommes que par les femmes.

Pour son nouveau bracelet connecté, Fitbit se situe entre coach sportif pratique et accessoire mode qui s'adaptera à tous les styles. Selon les rumeurs, l'arrivée de ce produit est prévue en avril pour l'Europe, pour un prix compris entre 30 et 150 euros selon le modèle choisi.

La Source:France mobiles

How to overcome the failure of pregnancy?

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Pregnancy Failure
Pregnancy means a lot for girls, where the dream of all the girls that they are mothers, so no doubt that girls hope two things in her life: Good Husband and Children, when she got her first dream (Husband) she think about pregnancy. but if she failed! this is the big problem so what will she do?

When a woman fails in her first pregnancy become so depressed, and it affects her personal life and marriage as well as possibly affecting the idea of having children again.

There is no doubt that there is a strong relationship between psychological status of women and their desire or their ability to bear children again, so today we will bring an answer to the question may be more important is how to overcome women's pregnancy psychologically failure?


There is no doubt that sport is an important factor in the pass this ordeal (pregnancy) on the psychological level of failure as well as physical; where it may cause pregnancy failure due to physical reasons such as weight gain.
It Should Be Noted That The Practice Of Yoga Helps To Calm The Psychological And Get Rid Of The Tension And Emotion Studies Have Proven That Sports One Means Being Used To Get Rid Of Stress And Depression.

Stay away from Tension

Women after pregnancy failure exposed to a lot of hassle and expressions that troubled her greatly and lead to increased tension and hence poor psychological state, and some may be one of the factors for this failure of envy or wishing for the demise of this pregnancy for the couple in their desire to secede, for example.

Hence women realize this very well and completely away from everything that affects her negatively and resort to a quiet place away from the hassle, or distance from people that causes this tension to create new opportunities pregnancy.


Husband one of the factors that affect either positively or negatively in the life of the woman, so big and important and essential burden falls on the husband, so he has to help the wife to overcome adversity, and is this to help ease the pain as well as evangelization that there are more opportunities for pregnancy.

When the pair to lose these qualities, women feel threatened and fail in her life as well as dismiss the prospects and opportunities of pregnancy.
So the husband to provide psychological environment of the wife, as well as providing an environment of intimacy to be in the best mood.

Comfortable Home

Home is the only place where wife stay for long time, so the home must be home full of quiet and away from the tension and is characterized by all the factors that distance it from tension so you should read this article to know more about how it's done (Simple Adjustments To Your Bedroom Equal Marital Happiness)

Travel to grainy places

Natural beauty is one of the most important sources of comfort and happiness, so why do not you travel to a place of recreation and a new beginning of a new world, where you travel restores hope in life and renew your desire to procreation.

You should note that Madam psychological comfort is the most important thing in the process of pregnancy and childbearing So conclusion, tried to stay away from any source of tension and hassle and try to be in the good mood.

By: Samia

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