Foods, household use as treatments,like?

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The world is witnessing for years a growing interest in medicinal plants, after we confirm that for medicinal plants effective not less than the effectiveness of chemical drugs, but sometimes superiority, it has developed today depending on the evolution that has occurred in recent years in the fields of agriculture, chemistry and the study of biology.
The historical sources prove that medication plants may have known the oldest civilizations on earth; Egyptians ancients knew a lot of medicinal plants, Juniperus, garlic, pomegranate, citrullus colocynthis and pomegranates, and Castor,, and used in the treatment of various pain, also known as the Babylonians, Assyrians, Canaanites therapeutic properties of some plants, then came the Greeks, and after them the Romans; to inherit this knowledge, and add their knowledge to it as well as Arabs, who excelled in medical science such as: Ibn Sina and Ibn Zahr and Ibn al-Bitar, where were not content with the knowledge of the Greeks, but they added to a large number of scientific and botanical books that are references back to her; pharmaceutical plants have been used to heal the body and clarity of mind and spirit, and as long as the flowers used many of his papers and sing lullabies to your emotions, alleviate tensions, from these plants:


The Arab doctors describe nourishing and restorative for the brain; to get rid of inactivity, but it is a tonic for the blood upward to the head; it strengthens the degree of purity of memory, and helps to focus and creativity.

Benefits of mint

  • The most famous of the benefits of mint Calming upset stomach.
  • Its Aromatic oils fighting properties disorders, has made the French drenched mint after dinner digestive rituals.


Of vegetables, which is hardly the house without them, it has a magical healing power many don’t know; as the leaves of antiseptic properties to rid the body of the poison, and parsley is rich in vitamins, and other nutritional elements.


Potatoes diet of my people is of great nutritional value; it is rich in essential to the human body with vitamins, especially  to the important to Sight, which works well to keep skin and hair natural in health, and protects hair from falling, and the skin from drying out, and potatoes food power generator, reformer of the digestive disorders, suitable for all, including people with dyslexia.
Carrots of the most common plants in the world, is rich in:

  • Vitamin A
  • Substance beta carotene
  • A high proportion of carbohydrates (starches: such as bread, rice and potatoes, pasta), which consists mainly of (sucrose and glucose and fructose in addition to cellulose and Alljugintin and other materials Bactanah)
  • Rich in protein, amino acids,
  • It contains a large amount of alkaline salts, potassium salts influence and in which a small amount of sodium, calcium, boron, iodine and other salts,
  • And it contains many vitamins, including: (a) b - b 2 - 6 b - c - d f
  • It is characterized by a high percentage of vitamin PP, which is rarely found in other vegetables.
It also helps to soothe the wounds, and helps to heal quickly, but if used as it strengthens the skin and fueled, and for the carrots many properties; it is soothing, and anti-anemia, antiseptic, and balmy wound, and the mineral-rich, laxative, and calming.


Fig tree of the most fruit trees ahead as the panel Egypt dating back to four thousand five hundred years show one of the women which is reaping the fruit of the fig, and it was the fig offers in Rome on the table gladiators has been named one of the Holy Quran as.  
fig fruit is easy to digest, rich in sugar, contain protein and fatty elements, and a lot of phosphorus and calcium.


Food power generator; it contains water, sugar, protein, potassium and vitamins of all kinds, an anti-anemia, purifier it, easy to digest, antiseptic, bactericidal.
The medicinal plants, useful in the treatment of many diseases, Phytotherapy way waiting for a bright future, and this is what was preached by recent discoveries, but the collection of plants and their use must be based on scientific knowledge and experiences which it is based is based on, away from superstition and sorcery; then maintain that kind of treatment stature.

By: Samia

جاري الذي فارق الحياة

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 في هذا الوقت بالتحديد بنفس الزمان والمكان اسمع صرخات وعويل أشخاص لا ادرك من صاحبها بل كل ما استطيع التقاطه من الفاظ وعبارات هو "الموت" و "لا اله الا الله" كله يشير الى الرحيل هناك فعلا شخص رحل عن عالمنا عالم مؤقت لا يعرف منا موعد رحيله

لم اكن اتصور يوما ان الموت اقترب مني بهذه الصورة؛ اذ لا يبعد هذا الصوت واصحابه سوى بضع امتار قليلة وما هي الا خطوات معدودة للوصول للمكان المقصود

فاستطيع ان اصور هذه الساعة او الليله بكاملها انها الااسوء على الاطلاق، وكأن بوق ارتفع بصوت نحيب يعلن رفرفة علم الموت والرحيل. الموت اعلم انه سيأتي يوما لا غنى عنه سواء اليوم او الغد ولكن مجرد احساسك بهذه الحقيقة التي لا نغفلها او ننكرها يذكرك بأن عليك واجبات عليك مراجعتها قبل فوات الاوان.
فمثلا لم يكن في بالي مطلقا اي ملامح للكتابة عن اي شئ على الرغم من اني كنت احاول ايجاد بعض الفكر للكتابة عنها ولكن لم تسفر اي محاولات من البحث والاسئلة بشئ فلولا هذا النحيب فما كتبت شئ!

والان وبعد دقائق من الخبر والصمت الذي عم المكان بالكامل فلم اسمع اي صوت على الاطلاق وكأن شئ لم يكن؟! هل فعلا يأتي هذا الشعور وتحل هذه الحالة علينا وقتها؟ وبم احس هذا الرجل واهله قبيل رحيله عن دنيانا؟

كل ما اذكره عن هذا الجار الذي لم اجد منه اي سوء انه في يوم تشاجر مع احد الجيران ولا اعلم من هو المخطئ، انه قال حينها: "انا كده كده ميت" وبالذكر فانه مصاب بفيروس سي ولعلها كان اكثر الكلمات وجعا وتحريكا لمشاعري والذي لم يغفل عن حقيقة انه مازال حيا في هذه الحياه فكان يعيش فيها وكأنه فعلا غير مريض او انه سيفارقها يوما.

كل ما يدور في راسي الان كيف هي الحالة عندهم؟ وهل فعلا الموت يحيط بنا بهذه الدرجة فلعلها لحظات فصلت حياته عن موته. 

رحم الله المتوفى وجميع موتانا....البقاء والدوام لله

Madonna bares teen's breast on stage

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Singer Madonna blew surprise recently, where she bares teen's breast on stage during a ceremony within her tour in Australia.

 Madonna raised, aged 57 years, controversy invitation girl in a seventeen-year-old to the theater, saying it "This girl of the type that want to slapped her on the rear," she said before they attract the girl's clothing and reveal her chest: "Sorry .. sexual harassment. . you can do the same thing with me."

Raised what she did, in a ceremony last Thursday, in Brisbane, the 
wave of sharp criticism from the media and users of social networking sites, after another wave of criticism following allegations that she was drunk on stage during another ceremony in Melbourne.

While the girl Josephine Giorgio said the network "News 7" Australian She does not feel that baring her chest is a big problem, and added that "there are no bad intentions, it was just love and fun on stage." The newspaper "Daily Mail" quoted the girl as saying: "It is my right I just have to decide if I have felt offended or not .. Why do people assume that I felt offended by my chest or my body?".

By: Samia

Purple Bread Is the Latest Weird Fad for Cancer Treatment

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Purple Bread as Cancer Treatment
Purple Bread is true reality now, so you may forget the White Bread one day, as the bread violet This may be the first "super food" or healthy food! 

This is the conclusion of Professor ‪‪Zhu Biao‬‏, a scholar food at the National University of Singapore, who invented the Purple Bread substitute for White Bread, which digest the body very quickly, raising blood sugar levels and is considered a key reason for obesity. 

Biao explains that the purple bread rich in antioxidants and cancer-fighting, and digested slower rate of 20 per cent of the normal white bread, made from natural compounds completely.
Biao made purple bread by extracting material from anthocyanins black rice and used in bread making.

Also it refers often purple in food to the extent of his health, as the substance anthocyanins, which give fruits and vegetables their color purple, can help prevent cardiovascular disease and neurological cancers and diseases, and play a role in the control of obesity and diabetes, as they can inhabit digestive enzymes and reduce glucose levels in the body.

By: Samia

7 you do not know about your husband's brain!

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Always women stand in front of her husband and always wonder about how his understanding and understanding of husband's thinking,  so we show here seven things about your husband’s brain will not believe.

Memory: men and women use the memory  in a different way. Men have graphic / tactical memory while women have a big emotional memory that stores a lot of detail. So if your husband do not remember your birthday, not because he does not love you, but because his memory is programmed to memorize dates. Do you want him to remember the holiday of your birth? Forearms by enhancing pictorial memory, for example Hang image from holiday the previous birth on the wall with the date, and will never forget it.

Listening: The man used one part of the brain to listen while women use the two segments together. So if you feel that his mind is not completely agree with you, you are right. This way the minds of men and will never change. So do not talk about important things while the other is doing, such as watching TV or talking on the phone, because it will not absorb anything. Forearms by shortening important topics and long, give him headnotes or talk with him in a quiet place away from the noise.

Emotions: Studies have shown that men have strong emotional reactions are stronger than women. Men are not born unfeeling or compassion also imagine some women, however, with the style of Education learns that the man hiding his feelings. That is why sometimes we see men still have this passion because their parents or their community did not suppress their feelings. Forearms by allowing him to show his feelings without underestimating him or attempt to rule in advance that a cool sensation or harsh.

Cry: Unfortunately this scientific fact, men do not cry because they have lacrimal channels less than women, in addition to 60 percent less than prolactin, a hormone that causes the tears. Men have created a way that makes them respond to the positions of sad in a different way from women. Forearms through moral support, but better to leave him alone to summon the strength.

Testosterone: the brain of a man saturated with male hormone testosterone, which makes it a fierce competitor and strong, while women have a hormone serotonin Pacific.

Pain: women feel pain more than men because of the nature of their bodies, while men respond to pain in an analytical way women respond to emotional way.

Self-defense: You guys have a special nerve cells that detects its environment and challenges that surround it, it is expected the risks inherent in a way, that's always find it determines the power line defense zone is any infringement of his area a threat to him personally. Unlike women who do not determine their their own area.

By: Samia

Horses were zebra like Zebra before domesticated

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An international team of researchers revealed that most of the horses were in ancient times resemble zebra in terms of lines on their bodies even human caused change their color after tamed.

The research team, according to the Daily Telegraph, said that the horses had lost her hair color was pale and covered a range of dark lines color similar to Zebra, when human trained to run or work or other tasks undertaken by the horses.

The researchers explained that the hair color when pale gray horses structure was a way to camouflage, Horses in the wild to be more secure from attacks of predators like lions and tigers because they are less visible.

On the contrary, it was the selection of horses tamed over generations to become more visible and attractive in shape or simply very different from wild horses.
The scientists said it noted the existence of dark line on the spine of horses gray infrastructure along and usually also have a set of fonts that are similar to the zebra on the legs, but most horses tamed far from the brown gray and show more strength pigment be uniformly distributed over their bodies .

By: Samia

Believe it or not, Ancient Egyptians were the first to celebrate Valentine's Day

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Archaelogical researcher Ahmed Amer said that every year from the month of February, and specifically the fourteenth of it, lovers celebrate  and share their roses, gifts and words of love and greeting cards on the day of so-called "love feast" or "love feast."

He pointed out that, in fact, we find that the ancient Egyptians were the first known Valentine's Day, and the celebration of the most beautiful and ancient Egyptians told what he said about the gift of love that the sky nature pours in life Cup mitigation to taste bitter.

He added that it was the ancient Egyptians celebrate love in "Memphis," and it begins on the first day of the fourth month of the year, and has provided us with inscriptions and fees for temples and tombs of the Pharaohs and even spotted a lot of pictures, "Ramses and Nefertari" love and adoration in Pharaonic Egypt.

He continued: "We see this love is evident from the kind words on the walls of Nefertari Temple inscription to Abu Simbel, which describes the" Ramses II "his beloved wife as the goddess of discord and beauty and beautiful natured lady Delta, Upper Egypt, as it is the most famous love stories that immortalized in history, and also The story "Sinuhe" and his girlfriend "Tbekahet," and the story "Isis" and "Osiris", where she loved "Isis," her great love and is sincere to him after the killers by his "Set" and collected blown from the Nile, and the story of "Nefertiti," which she loved her husband, "Akhenaten" despite the change of religion, and we find that the ancient Egyptians may have made "Hathor" God Sedition and beauty they have.

Amer added that the Egyptian celebrated his love and his mistress, his wife and was expressing his emotions towards it in a ceremony dubbed the "feast", and it was her flowers, especially in the Egyptian souls niche and we find that it had been found in the tombs of Giza and nobles on a lot of landscape paintings that depicted the Egyptian celebration of his love and presenting flowers to his wife and his girlfriend, it has also been found to one of the persons he crossed to his lover about his love as he told her, "It's the beloved unique unparalleled beautiful beautiful world, see it like the star shining in the new year on the outskirts of a good year," and we find that the ancient Egyptians were filming the couple is not seen one of them to the other face as do others, and they are portrayed as always are looking at together to a common goal and sit beloved or stands to his left expression of its proximity to the heart, as it was found two famous paintings was their discovery cemetery "Sobek Hotep" Effects of Hawara area of ​​Fayoum in 1974 illustrate the extent of the love and respect the man for his family.

He continued, indicate that it took place many legends about these lofty human emotion in the ancient Egyptians time, as papyri that women were resorting to magic and spells even the man predicted in love with her, and in the recently unveiled own ancient and medieval of the two countries for many of the papyri associated, excavations showed witchcraft, which included a lot of magical rituals that were prescribed for loving and serving the God of love and loving "Thoti" the goddess of beauty and love, "Hathor", and it was thought that the mere exercise of certain rites of magic woman signed in love with the man who leads this ritual, the most famous of these rituals take drops from the blood of a finger ring finger of the lover, and dissolved in the drink provides the lovable after reading some magical spells it leads to falling into love or returning after an interval, as was used blood ring finger to write on papyrus and melted in the water that drink adored, also used the blood of the ring finger in the work amulets buried under the threshold of the door of the beloved or in his bedroom.

By: Samia

Natural ways to prevent pregnancy

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Many turn the contraindications regular contraception pills, and IUDs, and other barriers that numerous and varied a great variety, however, the health exposing, and their side effects on women's health is still not completely clear-cut, and are not guaranteed 100%, and often surprises occur despite the use.

Every woman wants to maintain her health criticism these natural ways that help to postpone pregnancy:
اقرأ عن أعراض التبويض وما هي افضل الأوقات للتبويض؟هنا
1. counting method or account for the delay pregnancy

This method requires that the menstrual cycle regular, and are counting from the first day of the menstrual cycle to the fourteenth day, from this day, any mid-cycle will be the enrichment stage in women, which should be avoided during the sexual relationship, and lasts a period of 5 days by phase and 5 days later, but this method is not considered 100% safe, and pregnancy is caused by an error in counting or disturbances in the menstrual cycle.

2. insulation method of contraception

This method is related to the man in particular, is that insulates the man semen for women, and have it out with slander and have it within a few days of enrichment. 

By: Samia

Natural recipes for whitening armpits in two weeks

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Excessive sweating may cause with no wear cotton clothes in addition to haircuts and chemical deodorant and other factors, to the darkening of the skin under the armpits, which may cause inconvenience to the different color of the natural skin color.

Acidic character and characteristics of antibacterial and antiseptic in some fruits and vegetables allow them to whiten their skin naturally, for example, potatoes, cucumbers and lemon to help eliminate dark skin under the armpits.

1. Potatoes: Cut the potatoes thin slices and rub slice on dark area, or you can grate some potatoes to secrete juices. Apply this juice underarms and leave to dry 10 minutes and then rinse.

2. Cucumber: As it has done with potatoes, you can rub the cucumber slices on the affected area or grate some cucumber and use the juice. You can add a few drops of lemon juice and some turmeric (enough to create a paste) to the cucumber juice. Put them under the armpits and Wait half an hour and then rinse.

3. Lemon: Rub a thick slice of lemon on the dark area, it will remove dead skin cells and open the skin. Wash your armpits then hydrated if necessary.

4. recipe Turmeric: You can add a small amount of turmeric, yogurt or honey to the lemon juice to create a paste and then leave for 10 minutes then rinse well.

By: Samia

10 reasons to kill the man passion and take him to the bosom of another woman

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Betrayal, greed and lack of interest of the main reasons why women decide to end a relationship, what about the man? What are the reasons that you pay to escape? Study monitored the main reasons that the man kills the passion to make it run away to the bosom of another woman.

Researchers tried through a study of ten thousand people, make a list of the most important reasons why the man decides to terminate a relationship. The outcome of the study conflicted with the prevailing belief that bad sex is the most important reasons for the termination of the man's emotional ties, as spotted the study published by the site "Gufemin" the German, many other reasons.
1. repeated betrayal: This reason ranked first in the failed romantic relationships for 72% of men.

2. Lying: The 71% of the participants in the study, the men from the deep anger at the attempt life partner hide some things from them and continued to lie.

3. routine: Half of the men involved in the study said that routine leads to the weakness of the feelings of love and makes them think in the end the relationship.

4. controversy: repeat differences and ongoing controversy about the same themes pays 50% of the men of the "escape."

5. neglecting the feelings of the man: the man frustrated over the long term because of the show's life partner understanding of the feelings and desires and fears, and that women's lack of support for her husband in the daily life problems make him rethink the feasibility of the relationship.

6. stifle freedom of man: the man likes to maintain his freedom and begins to think about getting rid of the emotional relationship if they feel that their freedom is threatened.

7. differing goals: Do not be tempted man who prefers to travel to reproduce, to spend his life with a woman who put procreation as a top priority, the man tends to the emotional relationship of a woman with the same objectives and plans in life.

8. emotional coldness: the man also needs the word of the good and the expression of love and therefore 28% of men said they resent the woman who does not express the feelings of love enough.

9. dull sex life: lack of harmony in the sexual relationship is a reason for separation for 19% of the participants in the study men.

10. excess interest in the family: Beware of your mother you repeat visits and the presence of the sons of your brothers in your home on an ongoing basis, it may disturb your spouse, especially if your interest in the family increased its interest, which might be a reason for separation.

By: Samia

Contact lens that could let you see in the dark

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Scientists are now embarked on the development of contact lenses give the wearer full vision to any distance and can be available within a decade. The US government has commissioned Hongrui Jiang, a professor of engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the development of contact lenses operate in a manner auto focus with changing circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that more than one billion people around the world are believed to suffer from hyperopia, which is common after the age of forty, when swells eye lenses and lose their flexibility often.

Although it can be for glasses to correct it, but that Mr. Jiang is intended to make the vision in patients as they were in their youth by using contact lenses is working the way its focus by computers accurate solar administered. It is closer to the "industrial eye" that increase the unit images in twilight time or even at night.

This technique is inspired by the eyes of "fish elephant nose" that live in the rivers gloomy in Africa, where the fish nose provider used to detect less electric field emitted from the prey, while doing her eyes with its retina studded Bakbebat protein concentration dim light that reaches the Mboha which improves vision.

Mr. Jiang and his laser beam was used to carve the glass lens of more than 2000 small epicenter was wrapped after that Bolomenyum reflector to convert light.
He said that "an eye for Industrial will be strong and closer to the night-vision camera and scope of work can be extended to X-ray and infrared remote to be used in a variety of applications such as endoscopes operations, robotics and space exploration."

By: Samai

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