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17 Crazy Awesome Uses for Vaseline

Crazy Awesome Uses for Vaseline-ma3samia
Vaseline does not stop at moisturize the skin only, or even entering in some industries as cosmetics and skin care but also for other uses.
No home is devoid Vaseline; Vaseline is that the multiple uses of the chemical, which is also known as soft paraffin, or multiple hydrocarbon was discovered and manufactured by chemist Robert Chesebrough in 1972, and numerous uses of Vaseline in different areas and important activities, to identify them read the following lines with Ma3 Samia:

- Put it before spraying perfume makes the perfume last longer.
- To prevent the adhesion of nail polish with skin put Vaseline on the  skin surrounding the nail before starting.
- Is used in shoe polish and leather.
- To prevent the adhesion of the adhesion lid with packages, such as glue and nail polish, put a bit of Vaseline on the neck of the bottle before closing.
- Placed on the children front before showering to prevent the descent of foam on the eyes.
- Processing chapped feet; put a little of it before going to sleep, and then wearing socks all night, and will make them softer.
- Put a little of it on the teeth prevents the adhesion of red lips on them, and get a beautiful smile.
- Protects the poles of car battery from rust and corrosion.

- Helps to remove rings from fingers easily.
- To make eyelashes long and strong by putting a little of it on the eyelashes before bedtime.
- Vaseline is one of the substances that help moisturize the skin after hair removal, where the inflamed skin.

- Excess hair leads to inflammation of the skin and remove redness, so it is advisable put Vaseline to moisturize the affected area to inflammation.
- Vaseline is an alternative to the make-up removers, so wash your face, then put Vaseline on cotton swabs to remove make-up.
- Use natural skin peeled, only the nationalist and put it with a little salt and knead well, and see the result, which makes the skin smooth as silk.

- If you are having difficulty in wearing earrings, Vaseline helps to lubricate the ear hole.
- If you experience itching due to dandruff, just rubbing a little Vaseline on the scalp before shampooing, it helps to calm itchy feeling.

- In the summer a lot of people suffer from skin infections, and Vaseline is the perfect solution to soothe sunburn.

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