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4 strange things man asks In intimacy

At the beginning of the marriage, both husband and wife reveal map of their bodies to close at more positions exciting, and best behaviors that happy and make them arrive to the peak, but in some cases, the pair may be asked his wife some strange acts through the exercise of intimacy because it increases the sense of excitement .
And there are some examples of the actions requested by the couples through the exercise of an intimate relationship, and look strange for some wives.

Love Bite Hicky

Some couples like to kiss his wife in her neck gently raised as a sort of increase, others prefer violent kissing in this region, with the result that some of the bruises, the so-called love bite.
The fact that some of them would prefer biting more than a little degree of kindness.

Lick Armpit

Some men are affected by the smell of the body dramatically, we find some couples raised by the bodies of their wives odors dramatically, and some of them Mulls in it, and likes to lick below the armpit of his wife with his tongue in the course of the exercise of intimacy, because that ignites desire and increases the sense of excitement.

Oral Sex

Some men pay great attention to oral sex, fondling and for more excitement before having an intimate relationship, the pair trustee, to joke with his tongue members of his genitals, and ask that they exchanged the same act, which could alienate some of the wives and makes them refuse to do so.
And medically, there are some studies, which were conducted on this matter, showed that oral sex is safe and does not cause any harm as long as there is not a venereal the couple's disease, there are other studies have shown that exercise frequently, or in the event of a venereal disease may lead to certain illnesses Kherbs cancer the mouth and throat.

Obsession with a certain part of the body Fetish

Is that the guy likes a certain part of a woman's body or something worn severe obsession, though adores her feet or her hair or wear the glasses for example, or high heels or any of the positions is not erotic at all, but they are are more what interests the pair in his wife through the exercise of intimacy , which makes some of the wives Astgrben what do their husbands.

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