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All you wanted to know about Omega-3

?Omega-3 what should I know about
Studies have shown in recent years, many advantages of fish oil or omega-3 is there in abundance in fatty fish and a unsaturated fatty acids and nutrition specialists advised making sure to take it to its benefits. There are many questions that revolve around the omega-3, such as:

What are omega-3?
What are the benefits of scientific fact and Almthboth about omega-3?
How much the quantities that must be addressed from the omega-3?
What is the amount of omega-3, which advised address them?
How many capsules you need to reach the ideal dose capsules of omega-3 a day?
When and how to take them?
What is the best commercial products for omega-3 pills?
Is it necessary to eat really?

Let's get rid of the confusion caused by all of these questions and we present in detail here on Ma3 Samia..

What are omega-3?

It is found in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines. It is a great way to burn fat and build muscle, and many other benefits.
Omega 3 has shown many health benefits notable in the world of nutrition, which helps to provide many vital health benefits to the body. Where omega-3 consists of three types of fat called alpha-linolenic acid - Alaakosapentenwick - Djelkosahiksenwick acid. Omega-3 essential fatty acids that the body can not be produced in sufficient quantities, and then it must be obtained through food sources.
Then available omega-3 in flax seed oil, hemp oil, fish oil, squid oil and various other sources of omega-3.
Fish oil is an abundant source of omega-3s.

What are the benefits of omega-3?

We can shorten the importance and benefits in the short term "as the improved capabilities of the body in everything."

I do not know where to begin to explain these benefits in detail, but let's start with the benefits of omega-3 to build muscle and burn fat and are the basis for improving the appearance of the body.
Omega 3 and muscle building and fat loss:

Generally play a fatty acid important role in internal operations activity in the human body and give a comfortable sensation after the completion of the exercises in the improvement of muscle performance. There are two studies on the importance of omega-3 fat burning and muscle building that individuals who follow a healthy diet and exercise constantly have regular amounts of omega 3 able to burn more fat.

Research has shown that omega-3 helps to oxidize fat and treating insulin sensitivity and improve the body's consumption of calories.
Omega 3 is working to burn excess calories in the body and improve blood flow to the muscles during exercise and thus prevents muscle break and it also works as anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of Omega 3 for overall health:

When addressing the advantages of omega-3 on the overall health studies it has shown that there are many public benefits, including: reduce the risk of heart attacks.
Reduce the risk of strokes.
It reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood.
It helps to arrhythmia.
It works to reduce blood pressure.
It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis
Treats infections
It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
And many, many benefits,,

In addition, the research also has shown that omega-3 prevents the following:

Alzheimer's disease. Omega-3 oils interference in the composition of cell membranes and nerve installation and links
Depression. It was found that people who eat foods rich in these oils rate of frustration they have is less than others by 10/1 they are very important for proper nervous Activity
Of heart disease.

  • Cancer.
Arthritis. - Is the lack of fatty acids of the key factors for inflammatory articular They relieve pain and swelling and inflammation of the skin caused by rheumatoid arthritis months
And eases inflammatory tendons while increasing that unsaturated fatty acids

  • Diabetes.
  • Hyperactivity .
  • Incidence of disability.
And omega-3 is also working on improving the mental health and memory and concentration it helps improve your mood and give a general feeling of well-being.
The last what has been reached about the benefits of omega-3 help get your hair and skin .oivkr best researchers it is working to alleviate the pain from the back and improve visibility and consequently has many benefits that are not counted.

The question now is what are the benefits that have been proven scientifically correct?
Certainly that this question is very important in order to identify the extent of the health studies and findings made by scientists Some of these proven health benefits of 100% or some other still under study.

Are there side effects of omega-3? Is it safe?

Omega 3 is considered largely insecure, they have impressive benefits. There are no side effects of omega-3, as long as the individual does not exceed the ideal daily dose.

Some may suffer when taking pills Omega 3, a bitter taste, or lack of sleep or increased activity or bulge or vomiting or nausea, but most of the side effects serious is that high doses affect increased blood clots and Beware of eating omega-3 with aspirin only under medical supervision. And pregnant women should be avoided, but a review of the physician because it may cause abnormalities of the fetus.
It's funny that when pregnant women consult some doctors advise eating omega-3 in the first place. For example, most women are taking omega-3 under the supervision of a doctor they are useful for the brain development of the child, but when doses exceeded abnormalities occur.

When and how to take Omega 3?

You should take omega-3 pills with meals and preferably taken on an empty stomach.

If you take more than one capsule a day by eating with some doctors it is not recommended but preferably distributed throughout the day, meaning eat one for breakfast and one for food, one with dinner and so on ..

What is the amount of omega-3 capsules, which should be dealt with in a day? How many capsules?

In order to answer this question you need to know the optimal dose of omega-3 capsules daily and that provide you with many benefits that we have said.
Here we offer clarification of the number of omega 3 capsules...
For example, certain brand containing 650 grams of acid Alaakosapentenwick and 450 grams of Djelkosahiksenwick acid each one .
So the average amount of omega-3, which advises Daily protein capsules weight is between 3 and 1.3 grams if you eat a greater or lesser amount must be under a doctor's supervision.
It must take into account that these quantities have been applied to a particular brand of omega-3 brands capsules other capsules containing different amounts of amino acids, the amount of weight whether greater or less may vary.
For this reason, the best regularity for a certain brand of omega-3 capsules because all I need is four capsules only and there are other types of capsules require eating six capsules a day.

What better choice brand omega-3 capsules standards?

There are a few common factors that must be considered when selecting omega-3 capsules, including:

  • Quality: it means choosing the best quality it is of great importance to avoid belching or repeatedly bitter taste .also contains less than the proportion of contaminants and give the best results.
  • Occasion: In other words, as mentioned above, there are brands need to eat more than 4 capsules in order to get the required quantity of acids. There are brands need you eat nearly 8 capsules to meet the daily quota of acids so we must choose the brand that suits you.
  • Price: capsules vary in price depending on the different brand and type I personally do not mind to spend more money to get a high-quality brand.

    Research has found that there are dozens of private brands Omega 3 capsules. The most these capsules contain amino acids that have been mentioned.
      Must when buying omega 3 capsules that three sets of factors into consideration so they can get the full benefit of omega-3 capsules

        Where you can buy omega 3 capsules?

        You can buy omega 3 nutrition stores, especially pharmacies where all types and at different prices.

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