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4 places should not be touched during intimacy

There are some places that prefer to avoid the man touching his wife; to avoid the feeling of pain or disease of any of the parties to the marital relationship.

1. Places excessive sweating:
When women do more during the intimate relationship may suffer from sweating, and about 99% of women do not prefer the man near the places of sweating, especially in the summer, it made her feel so more anxiety and stress and loss of confidence in the exercise of intimacy.

2. Cervix:
If you reach the cervix during practice intimacy, you must be aware that something is wrong; because cervical an important part of a woman's body, it is a narrow channel that associates the vagina uterus and helps in the growth of the fetus, so this place does not have to knock the door on it.
We may find some married couples make the mistake of touching the cervix, which displays a wife to severe pain, and you may need in this case for an end to intimacy; they are not ready enough to complete intimacy.

3. Higher breast:
This may seem an unexpected place, but higher breast, especially big boobs; because it is full of nerve cells are highly sensitive. And when you touch the highest breast wife may feel at a rate of high excitement. So try to avoid closer to this region suddenly; do not even touch the nerve endings. It may require you to examine your partner if they suffer from allergies or not.

4. Feet:
During the marital relationship Avoid touching your feet, especially if they are wearing sports socks frequently. A study at Johns Hopkins University have shown that wearing socks can increase orgasm for both men or women. In order to achieve effective orgasm intercourse should the wife be quite comfortable and do not suffer from any concern.

Cold feet wife on their ability to practice intimacy may affect the relationship. Some wives may suffer from tension ahead of intimacy, which leads to making the foot cool so when you touch the man for the feet that may increase the tense. We may advise you to wear socks before the exercise period of the intimate relationship; to warm the feet well and avoid it.
Also, if you notice that your wife did not get rid of excess hair in the feet, do not try to touch the feet; because it might ysharha as unattractive, and would make them feel some tension, which will cause alienated or rigidity in the relationship between you.

5. Facial seborrheic:
The practice of intimacy is the time may not be a good time to try to touch the face of your wife, if you have oily skin or suffer from blisters, even if it was very beautiful.
You may find the effects of anxiety and stress on the face, and put pressure on those pimples or oily skin may cause its first increase in these pimples; because scientifically refrain women from touching those pimples, and also can cause her pain if pimples is still alive and is not dry yet.

6. Stomach after eating a hearty meal:
Most men stomach flat prefer, but you may find it difficult desire, especially if the wife dealt with a hearty meal before going to sleep, or eat any food items lead to flatulence, and also the pre-menstrual suffering wife of a swollen stomach, so avoid touching stomach these periods; so that does not hurt your wife, which would cause obstruction relationship between you.

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